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Twitter is now the world’s third largest social network. With millions of users, it is an advertising powerhouse for business small and big, individuals, musicians, writers, businesses charities, activists, and many more are now using its visibility to instantly communicate, advertise their products and works of art disseminate their ideas. Therefore,it is now obvious that many faithful followers and tweets can promote communication and boost business sales. So how do you achieve this? In addition, how can you increase your followers? Very simply: you can actually buy twitter followers.

Companies have jumped in the provide packages: 1000 followers, 5000 followers, 50,000 followers or 1000000, etc. Buy them! With money and a needs description, you can buy twitter followers from your state or country; you can look for your company’s ideal client profile. More followers mean more of your information circulating out there: you could hope for a marked increase in sales or interest in whatever you offer. Therefore, can you easily gain 1000 followers, 5000 followers, 50,000 followers or 1000000, etc? Would it help you achieve your aims? In addition, is it that easy?

Well. There is a catch. Of course, many companies buy twitter followers. However, how many really deliver? Scanning the net, you find many fraud stories. People pay up, receive a positive email, wait, and…Nothing happens. On the other hand, new followers might actually appear, but from the wrong geographic region. Further, investigating their profile, they may be too young, completely uninterested in your work. They may appear only once. On the other hand, post ridiculous messages, quite unrelated to your topic or product. Paid to join, quickly dropping out. They may also scare off your ‘real’ followers, horrified by the number of low quality, possibly ‘unreal’ newcomers. Therefore, people have been conned out of money: no response from these ‘purchase followers’ companies, or grossly inadequate services.

So is it hopeless? No. Some serious companies do deliver new followers from your targeted region or profile. However, exercise caution. Avoid high or unrealistic hopes: REAL, committed followers buying your products, posting comments, or inviting their friends are hard to find, and to keep. You may find a few more, but it could mean choosing between quantity and quality. So remember, Twitter is first about ‘word of mouth”. Be patient, realistic and strategic in your ‘followers purchase’, produce consistently good contents or products: the rest will follow.

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