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Gone are the days when fame was for a select few. Today YouTube is the most visited site on the entire planet, just behind Google and Facebook! This means that any of us with an internet connection can upload any content, any time. In addition, within the click of a button, billions of people can see it. Therefore, you can post a video of yourself singing, playing the guitar. You can show people how to do Tai Chi, how to change a window. You can also show the world how cute your kitten is, or promote your products or your company’s events. You can show concerts, rehearsals, you can just upload music, your own animated videos. In fact, you can post just about anything. Name it YouTube will have it somewhere.

Your business may need its promotional video to get many views. Your charity may want its events to be well known. Alternatively, you may simply want to be internet famous. However, your viewing rank is low. Why is that? Because there are, millions and millions of pages on YouTube! In addition, big media companies produce some of them. Therefore, there is a lot of competition out there. The question then is, will people find your video? Will they find you, your company, and your channel? Can you leave it to luck? Will you just hope for word of mouth to work?

Well. You could. However, if you do not want to, a solution is at hand: You can buy YouTube views. Type these keywords into Google, and you will find many sites that offer just that. Give them some money: they will send hundreds or thousands of new viewers to your site. You can target viewers from a given country, or pick other criteria. What happens then? Your video becomes popular. Your ranking soars! Your friends and family are impressed. In addition, your competitors seriously frown…Hopefully.

So, if you seriously think you should buy YouTube views, keep a few points in mind.  Stay realistic. Do not expect a million new viewers quickly (or ten thousand!). Companies selling YouTube Views are like anything else on the web.

There are some defraud machines, and some good ones… You must find which is which. Moreover, remember: number one, upload great and original contents! It is the first key to YouTube success. Then buy YouTube Views if you want.

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